Looking for Guidance on Increasing the Coverage of the Freifunk Network in Our Neighbourhood

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I’m a part of a community initiative with the objective to increase the coverage of the Freifunk network. We are eager to spread these advantages to additional citizens of our community since we have witnessed the fantastic benefits provided by a strong, free, open-source wireless system.

Currently, we’ve got a few Freifunk devices set up in strategic areas, but we are having issues in increasing the coverage for reaching additional residents and neighbourhoods.

I request guidance and suggestions on a few significant subjects in this informed community:

What are the ideal practices for positioning routers to get the most coverage and transmission strength? Are particular models or configurations have proven been the most helpful for you? :thinking:

Community Engagement: What are some effective ways to reach out to additional local companies and residents to encourage them to join the Freifunk network? :thinking: Any effective outreach tactics or resources would be highly valued.

Technical Difficulties: We are running into a few challenges with bandwidth control and network stability. Exist any suggested resources or troubleshooting guidelines to help with these issues? :thinking:

Finances and Assistance: Have any of you gotten financing or backing for your Freifunk initiatives from regional agencies or groups? :thinking: We would be delighted to find out about any possible collaborations or funding sources.

I checked this :point_right: https://freifunk.net/en/how-to-join-sap/create-a-new-freifunk-community/

We think that by pooling our expertise and experiences, they can overcome these obstacles and build a more cohesive, strong community. I appreciate your help and time in advance. I’m forward to hear your insightful opinions!

Hi @jass_gill,

sorry for the late reply. Freifunk is a very regional project. Where are you from? We host the Freifunk in the North of North Rhine Westfalia, Germany.

If you’re looking for other regions, maybe you’ll finde mates in the forum.freifunk.net.

We meet on Wednesdays 8:30 pm German time and you can attend the meeting via Mumble (something like Teamspeak, Discord) on mumble.freifunk-muensterland.de (not via Browser).