Why Am I Unable to See My Post?


I recently posted a thread: https://forum.freifunk-muensterland.de/t/looking-for-guidance-on-increasing-the-coverage-of-the-freifunk-network-in-our-neighbourhood/4788

I got a notification that left me disappointed as it shows my content is spam. I don’t know what is the reason behind it but I didn’t make anything wrong that violate community guideline. As a professional, I respect community guideline and make useful contribution to help community members.

As my query is genuine and I really need a quick solution to that and I don’t think there is better platform than this to solve my query.

Kindly have a look at my post and make it live again.

Hello @jass_gill

I had hastily sorted out your post as we rarely have posts in English.
I have unlocked it again. Sorry about that.

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